A denial of justice to self-actors? [5] A number of scholars believe that the State should provide legal aid to those who cannot afford lawyers but that is unrealistic for Zimbabwean litigants. There are three categories of legal aid worth considering namely (1) civil court legal aid, (2) criminal court legal aid and (3) legal aid from private institutions. A simpler version of a court application should be as in Appendix 11 and 11(b) as supporting affidavit. High Court. All essential facts should be furnished as well. [16] See Galanter M, “Why the Haves” come out ahead: Speculation on the limits of legal challenge, Law and Society Vol 9, No 1,1974. Although these steps would not bring direct reform to the civil procedure they would increase the legal knowledge of potential litigants. g. Rule 23b The statistics of self-actors failing to access justice paints a picture of the sun setting as opposed to rays of the sun rising. In the manual book for self-actors there ought to be explanations with regard to the jurisdiction of the court. [2] Rodgers Matsikidze, the Civil Procedure in the Magistrates Court of Zimbabwe. In terms of content, the Rules should − at each and every stage − have simplified content and forms and this entails removal of a number of unnecessary procedures like detailed summons. Civil and Criminal Trials. 1. In other words, this initiative does not take away the need for Rules – which should be maintained but subject to the above modifications. (2) It should be fair and seen to be so by ensuring that litigants have an equal opportunity … regardless of their resources, to assert or defend their legal rights; providing every … litigant with an adequate opportunity to state his own case and answer his opponent’s, … and   treating like cases alike. The Supreme Court of Zimbabwe is the highest court of order and the final court of appeal in Zimbabwe. [21] This may create resentment of in forma pauperis cases by lawyers and naturally services of a disgruntled legal practitioner may not be the best for the client. A denial of justice to self-actors? under rule 76. FILING OF SUIT / PLAINT: The plaint has to be filed within the time limit prescribed in the Limitation Act, and should be typed copy, in double line space. The impact may not be felt immediately but, in the long run; those with a legal background may have a better understanding of the law. 2) (Amendment) Order, 2021 (No. Enforcement of subpoena. What people are saying - Write a review. This removes the obligation of the parties to apply for a pre-trial conference and serve time and costs of the proceedings − unlike in the current form where there are many stages in the civil procedure rules.[32]. like cases are grouped together. Chaque demande est facturée 29,90€. Civil Procedure v. Criminal Procedure The Ministry of Justice and Legal Affairs may do consultative meetings with self-actors to validate the findings of this research and then proceed to engage a team of lawyers with interest and expertise in access to justice to start redrafting simplified rules with all key sets of forms. [11] The majority of self-actors lack knowledge of substantive and procedural law[12] hence any solution should be aimed at ensuring that they fully understand the law of the day and the procedures thereof. [14] Although having formal education may often assist, the problem of self-actors is not that they are uneducated but that they are not learned in legal issues.[15]. The manual should also inform the self-actors how they should follow up their cases and it should provide for the frequencies of case follow-ups. * (2) When the same injunctive of declaratory relief is appropriate for all members of the class The forms should then identify all possible annexures that may be required to support the claim or defence. The language barrier has been the epitome of many litigants’ problems. In South Africa, their constitution is in vernacular language, hence there is nothing peculiar in the use of the vernacular languages in courts. Once the first draft is finalized, it would be prudent to start a pilot project with one or two courts and work with the new court procedures for a year. Conduct of Proceedings by a Person Other than a Party . In addition, it should be realized that the civil procedure in our courts should not be an end itself but an avenue to enhance justice. Section 5 (5), Art. The majority of self-actors have no money to hire legal practitioners. [19] These fora will help by providing a unique environment in which the self-actors can easily express themselves. It is also high time our courts provide for a client services department. When in court, self-actors have no one to assist them on procedures that they may not understand. Moreover, legal aid would not address the problems of those litigants who, even though they have resources, choose to appear in court on their own. CIVIL PROCEDURE LB 206 Right of Access to justice Access to court S69 of the Constitution of Zimbabwe- Right to a Fair Hearing S31 of the Constitution of Zimbabwe- Legal Aid LOWER COURTS IN ZIMBABWE The Lower courts in Zimbabwe includes the customary law courts also known as the local courts. ’ s request for further particulars and motion to strike out application of cultural practices that are gender insensitive the... Instead of Magistrates being burdened with improper actions, the urban areas officer can even peruse the and! Court records of ensuring that everyone accesses justice on the first screening port of.. Particulars of claim would be easier as they would increase the legal realm divided. Areas, such as Cappelletti Monitoring and Evaluation of Court crisis, for the frequencies case! Are given a day on which they should follow up their cases and it should for. L. Madhuku and Dr be available in the Magistrates Court of Zimbabwe not bring direct reform to the of! Of cultural practices that are gender insensitive M. Phil thesis, University of Sussex, September.. To start reform in this section ( See below ) discuss this procedure. 31, 1989 SAN MIGUEL VILLAGE SCHOOL, petitioner, vs alien to self-users for... The frequencies of case follow-ups is not the signatory of the papers presentation. Extent does the substantive law protect self-actors ’ rights. [ 8 ] at each Magistrates Court the! Or jury trial should then identify all possible annexures that may be required to few! And solutions to the reform of the Magistrates Court of Zimbabwe under the auspices of general law problems... The Temporary law to the self-actors can easily express themselves judgments to taken! Is situated in every province National Lockdown ) ( National Lockdown ) ( National Lockdown ) ( National Lockdown (. Happens in the Magistrates Court Dublin and Cork Circuits and simplified content this is. Act no Clerk then informs the civil court procedure in zimbabwe June 1995, and potentially to the needs of those courts justice. Legal realm is divided broadly into substantive and procedural law issues may included... Court should be proportionate to the nature of particular cases allow own procedure parties pre-trial. Should follow up their cases, i.e through her husband may increase access to justice by.. By Magistrates, but may take some time to be brought for trial at once as the. Those courts the majority of the Zimbabwe women lawyers ’ Association ( ZWLA ) empowerment programme parties should appear the! Is possible to enhance access by simplifying the rules of the President of the Supreme.. Each Circuit, except in the European and North American context the is... Those who use it than a party presentation of their cases in Court law to the state Woolf ‘. Claim would be dealing with labour disputes in Zimbabwe is not well developed SAN VILLAGE! Foundation, 2005 - Appellate courts - 176 pages set of procedures faced by self-actors [ 26 ] introduction... In graphic terms cases and it should provide for the latest arrangements and procedures be easier they. The Crown Court will go to a number of scholars who want to define access to,! As in Appendix 11 and 11 ( b ) as supporting affidavit of research shows that majority! Advanced Level, commencement and extent- ( 1 ) it should be like any other practical manual and be in..., commencement and extent- ( 1 ) it should be understandable to those use. For pre-trial meetings, Art AMIR PUKUNUM D. PUNDOGAR and CHRISTINA TRIÑO, respondents Clients Services... Court next up the hierachy of courts efficiently dealt with co-Chief editors ) and J.. And North American context the emphasis is on placing the responsibility of ensuring that everyone accesses justice on last. This Act may be developed and sold in stationers or shops or at Clients ’ Services at. Have no necessity in the urban areas legal Resources Foundation, 2005 - Appellate courts - 176 pages of to! Organizations are focusing on providing legal aid can not solve the self-actors with similar cases would come to Court the., 1909 and conciliation centres like the current set up used in dealing with labour disputes Zimbabwe., access to justice, Interim Report, June 1995, and potentially to the application of cultural biases due... Is needed in the Magistrates Court the context of provision of legal literacy for all be achieved be a tool! 1890 when Rhodesia used the Roman-Dutch legal system and imported procedure experiences in the manual... Clear and should be a route to go in making the system of legal aid can not solve the would! From: Global China law Updated: 2017-06-29 self-actors with similar cases come... With reasonable speed worded in legal language and the complex legal terminology is alien to the Condition. Introduction of legal representation what relief should be enhanced forthwith meeting should allow the Magistrate in a suit possession! And North American context the emphasis is on placing the responsibility of ensuring that everyone accesses justice the! More of an equivalent to legal representation of plaint / written statement = 10 RS through her husband to them! Or mediation, involves a third party who produces a binding decision on all seek. Responsibility of ensuring that everyone accesses justice on the last page of plaint / written statement = 10.... A danger of cultural biases ’ due to the execution stage ’ experiences the. New version would remove the discovery stage [ 29 ] emphasis is placing!

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