On a daily basis, he drank milk approximately every hour and consumed around six packets of pureed pear mango baby food. She spits out the tiniest bits of anything else i try to camouflage in her food like carrots. by Natalia Stasenko, Registred Dietitian | Starting solids | 145 comments. OMG this is exactly what we are facing with our 23 month old. This post for this mom and many others who have started their babies on purees and are interested in following a traditional approach to the introduction of solids, slowly moving to more textured baby food. Here is what researchers observed: Those infants who were introduced to lumpy solids at the earliest ages consumed a greater variety of family foods at the age of 6 months, while those introduced at 10 months or later had been given fewer solids of all types by 6 months of age and at 15 months were significantly less likely to be having family foods when compared to those introduced between 6 and 9 months. It is messy. Which I eventually turned into soups for the whole family or added to pasta sauces. For the longest time, she was eating ONLY baby food. We use cookies to collect information from your browser to personalize content and perform site analytics. Some of the more common reasons for using a p… Your daughter calls any food wetter than a cracker "slimy." Pureed, cooked carrots or squash can be added to pasta sauce or macaroni and cheese. Increase to 1 tablespoon of pureed food, or 1 tablespoon of cereal mixed with breast milk or formula, twice a day. Grandma says he’s spoiled and you just need to be firm with him. Pureed baby foods are your child's first introduction to regular foods, because they are easy to swallow and don't pose a choking hazard. Two other signs you may notice if you give your baby a taste of rough puree or puree with lumps: – He is starting to move the food around in his mouth using his tongue. Because the puree stage does not last that long if you pay attention to your baby’s readiness for food with more texture and finger foods! I did the same with my first child and made sure my freezer was stocked with dozens of healthy and colorful purees…. He used to eat solids when he was less than a year old. But you do not need to worry about because at this age a big part of calories and nutrition are still coming from formula or breast milk. Typically, infants are started on pureed foods between 4 to 6 months of age. Wow, I am sorry but why would you continue to puree food for a 3 year old? It can act as a bridge between a liquid diet and your normal diet as you recover from an illness or surgery, helping prevent weight loss and maintain your health until you're able to eat normally. let him practice his motor skills and try to pick them up. She would gag if I put them in her mouth. When I spoke to the Nutritionist she said to continue slowly adding more lumpy foods to the pureed foods. A great tool for at home or to send to your daycare, grandparent’s or c… My 3-year-old loves to snack—during the day, I give her fruit, crackers, peanut butter, and cheese—but she hates to sit and eat meals. Just keep doing what you were doing, slowly upgrading the texture. 3. PLUS.. On occasion, we also use cookies to collect information from our toddlers, but that’s a totally different thing. I have a 3 year old and rather then puree his food, if I am uneasy about the size of what he is eating, I cut it more finely. It can take literally just a few day or maybe weeks for your baby to start eating mashed foods, tolerate lumps and start picking up finger foods. I included a free printable for you to print out and write down what baby is going to eat at each meal. Allow Participation. Then this meal plan is for you! If you are like many parents I know, you have invested in some kind of baby food equipment before introducing your baby to solids. Another study looked at the connection between feeding difficulties and last introduction of lumps. Food can also be sieved to get a smooth texture O Cook food as per cooking instructions and cut into small pieces before blending O Pureed food often needs to be As the infant becomes more accustomed to the new texture, include pureed foods with a combination of ingredients -- this typically occurs around 6 … Learn more about the Table Food School online class here. Give him solids and once he is hungry enough he will eat. But it is important for your baby to learn how to eat independently. But if you prefer to follow a more traditional sequence of texture upgrades, make sure to keep your eyes open for these signs of readiness for more advanced textures.